Thursday, November 21, 2019

Groupism in Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Groupism in Design - Essay Example A group is needed to complement the weakness and bring out the best in every individual. In business, groupism serves as an audience to the prospected market of the product. However, controversies regarding groupism are discussed and debate everywhere. Some designers claimed that groupism would box their ideas into the norms of the group and hinders their creativity. Some studies also pointed out that groupism in universities creates misunderstandings and rivalry to the outside group of students. In family, groupism could result in degree of animosity with those who are outside the family. Designers are people who have extreme ideas. They are not afraid to take risks and be different. They are individuals with strong personality. Introducing them into a group will be of great challenge; for them, it seems like being enclosed into a cage or box. For them, their ideas will be controlled and will not be heard according to their wants and preferences. As stated earlier, the group is needed to minimize the weaknesses and brings out the best in every individual, but how come that even the strengths will be suppressed This risk could be reduced through organization's proper recruitment and management. Working in a group required lots of effort and team building. The management must evaluate the designer's skills to know the areas where they excel the most and the areas where development is needed. Working as a group is as simple as math. Everyone has their highest positive number and lowest negative number. These will be summed up and be divided according to the numbers of m ember. The average is the rate of the group's effectiveness. On the other hand, the highest positive number could be recognized with the help of proper management. Understanding uniqueness of every individual could give the management an insight on what hinders productivity, what can be changed and developed. Groupism in design is just like a basketball team playing. Everyone wants to excel, to give their best and help the team win. But even with the best players, playing without goal and cooperation will not help win the game. It will produce confusion and misunderstandings. The strengths of every player should be used and the weakness of each should be complemented by other players. The coach could help the team by proper allocation of players and setting of instructions. According to the survey made in Japanese schools, 61% of the 280 respondents believed that the main reason for a society to have preschool is to learn on how to be a member of group. The need to belong is part of the human instinct making groupism as a normal sight in schools and universities. As an urban word, groupism is defined as losing someone's identity after being part of the group. Stereotypes were created due to the fact that they are afraid to be different. They tend to ignore their own ideas and openness was not extended to every member because they are afraid to be rejected. Peers struggle to belong in a group and be accepted; consequently resulting in generation of low confidence. The leader of the group is followed and everyone goes with the flow. Motivation comes from outside sources. On the other ha